How Conversational Chatbots Are Helping- The Recruitment Industry ?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology has become one of the most significant trends in the recruitment industry for talent acquisition. These solutions are driving candidate management and engagement in many ways.  Recruiting chatbots are quickly making their presence felt in the recruitment industry. From recruitment to onboarding to delivering a suitable employee experience, chatbots offer numerous benefits to the recruitment industry.  Today companies need more flexible methods for screening and hiring new candidates. Some candidates feel shy to ask

the recruiters questions about their future job due to the fear of being rejected. However, with a machine, it’s a different situation. The candidate may feel more relaxed and can discuss their queries.

Conversational Chatbots are setting a new trend in the recruitment industry to manage time-consuming or repetitive administrative tasks with ease.

They provide a range of functions like

  • Resume Parsing
  • Making significant inquiries to filter the applicants for the screening process,
  • Providing updates about the status of an application
  • Answering FAQs to speed up the hiring process for the busy recruiter.

Benefits of Conversational Chatbots for the Recruitment Industry

Candidate experience

Candidates don’t want to be waiting around to hear back from one of the many roles they applied for weeks and weeks ago. Now, progress with the job application will be shared with candidates in a timely manner.

Quick Process of Hiring 

Generally, recruiters take many days to fill an open position. Chatbot significantly reduces both, the cost involved in hiring and the time required to hire which makes the recruitment process a painless task.

Selecting and Training Employees

Hiring the right employee and ensuring that he is a good fit in the organization is the most important part of a business. AI(Artificial Intelligence) based recruitment can surpass biases, eliminate manual and machine limitations, and enhance the screening process in a better way by selecting candidates that have the highest potential for success.

Help Manage Employee Referrals Effectively

Using AI(Artificial Intelligence), you can automate the referral process wherein the chatbots can filter if referrals match the roles and responsibilities of the position. Also, the AI chatbots can provide the hiring manager a better review of the candidate and help them decide which one to hire.

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