Conversational Chatbots For Airlines Industry

Airline conversational chatbot is one of the improvements brought by machine learning in the aviation industry. Artificial Intelligence is proving to be a boom in this vertical. The AI chatbot solutions for the airline industry helps to improve the airline business procedures. Chatbots can assist the customers in planning the trip, providing airline information, and searching for flights, among others. Customer engagement can be enhanced in many different ways by using a conversational chatbot. A conversational chatbot helps airlines by assisting

to all common queries like:

  • Boarding pass queries
  • Flight Schedule and status updates
  • Booking and managing Flights
  • Reservation details
  • Intelligent FAQs for Passenger Assistance

Conversational Chatbots are quick to respond to customer questions and can help solve their problems in a short period of time. With the help of conversational chatbots- Individuals, groups, and business travellers can plan and organize their travel reservations, from purchasing tour packages to booking flights.

Benefits of Chatbot for Airlines Industry

  • Improved customer service 

Conversational Chatbots are capable of handling customer queries 24×7 and provide real-time information in case of an emergency. As chatbots support multiple languages, there are no linguistic problems as they can be programmed to work as customers want them to.

  • Reduce customer support cost

Chatbot at airline websites or social media pages of the airline like Facebook, Twitter etc. has the ability to provide customer services to the travellers and thereby reducing manpower cost of airline call centres.

  • Accept bookings and payments. 

Travellers can book the tickets and make their payment through the chatbot. Chatbots are designed to book airline tickets and make payments. It’ll be saved there for future, seamless transactions.

  • Notify Passengers

The chatbot can help travellers to be updated throughout their journey and to notify them of any alarms or reminders that may have been set. For example, the chatbot can remind travellers about last boarding time, check-in time etc.