How Conversational Chatbots are Helping Small Businesses?

By January 31, 2020Conversational AI

Chatbots for small businesses resolve the queries and concerns of users. We can use Conversational Chatbot for customer service, sales and support purposes. This fast-evolving Artificial Intelligence technology is becoming more powerful day by day and easy for a business to use all the time. Customer service is an important segment of business operation which keeps your company closer to your customers by getting in touch with them. Small businesses can use conversational chatbots in serving their customers by giving them replies and resolving their queries quickly. Chatbots

will help small businesses or startups to overcome the workload of sales and support division of the organization, resulting in more customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Chatbots for small business 

24/7 Availability

As a startup or small business, you would not need to invest in employing additional resources for the sales and customer support department of your business. The productive hours of an employee are 5/6 hours. However, the Chatbot can run efficiently 24X7, which saves your additional cost and manpower for shifts. 

Quick support for customers

Conversational Chatbots behaves as instant support for customers. All important and frequently asked questions can be answered via chatbots instantly. 

Marketing and Branding

Artificial Intelligence Chatbots offer your customers a personalized experience with discounts, display a variety of promotional and informational content, new releases, responsiveness to customers’ requirements, upselling and cross-selling. 

Increased Social Media Presence

Social media users are waiting to find all the businesses on channels like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. So Conversational chatbots can keep your page active  24/7, which will boost your interaction and engagement with them.

Developing the Business 

Chatbots help small businesses or startups to discover new leads, convert clients, and give better services. 

Better User Interaction

Chatbots are capable of having conversations with customers like a human agent. Users are greeted by the chatbot with their name which gives a personal touch to the conversation. The user can then ask the chatbot specific questions regarding a product or a service. Most of the time, the user is provided with answers.