Conversational Chatbots for Colleges and Universities

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the fastest growing technology that helps in improving the way, industries like healthcare, banking, energy, and retail operates. There is one industry, in particular, that is using AI technologies based on Conversational Chatbots: Education Industry. The role of Conversational chatbots in colleges or universities goes beyond catering to student requests. Conversational chatbot gathers large amounts of data that contain helpful features about the campus, applications, faculties, student associations, courses, results, fee structure, etc.

Artificial Intelligence-based technologies are all around you today, making your lives easier than it has ever been. Today, most colleges and universities use chatbots to answer visitors’ queries. Colleges and Universities are using chatbots to improve communication with current and prospective students.

The students do not have to personally go to the college for inquiry, they can use Conversational Chatbots. They can chat with Chatbot via text or voice conversation. The chatbot will be able to remind students about classes and deadlines related to exams, fees, assignments, etc. Students can chat with Chatbots for free, at any time of the day or night, which is of particular benefit to international candidates living in different time zones. 

Chatbots can also be used to provide course feedback and advice, as they become more familiar with courses, enrollment queries and so on. Chatbot provides support to your students 24×7 and provides instant answers for campus services, enrollment, scholarships, student surveys, learning services, advice and updates about exams, and more.

Benefits of Chatbots for universities and colleges

Quick support for Students – Conversational Chatbots behave as instant support for students. All important and most asked questions can be answered via chatbots instantly. 

Student acquisitionConversational chatbots help to boost the number of enrolments for universities. 

Reminders – Chatbots can notify students about new courses, exams, results, fees, etc. The notifications can be done through either SMS, social media messages, or email.

Reduced Costs – Chatbots reduce the requirement of manpower during online interaction and are hence seen as a major advantage by companies receiving multiple queries at once.

Cost Reduction – Chatbots could reduce these costs while maintaining quick and high-quality customer service.