How has DheeYantra’s Conversational AI Chatbot helped people to fight against COVID 19 ?

The Coronavirus Pandemic has affected mostly all countries across the world including the Indian subcontinent. In these Crisis situations Conversational AI Chatbots can play a valuable role in response strategies. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are proving to be a critical asset in enabling a collaborative work environment even in an extremely stressed situation like the current one. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Conversational Chatbots has the potential to help us by providing information like Live updates, Self-diagnosis for the COVID-19 pandemic.

To assist in this critical situation, Chatbots can be trained to respond to common questions about COVID-19. People are demanding easy access to reliable information regarding this pandemic.

To ensure that everyone has access to information they need to help them manage their health concerns during this difficult time; the AI chatbots ensure you have the answers to your specific questions. The chatbot takes users through a series of short, simple questions to gauge the likelihood of being infected with the virus. It has the same feeling of being questioned about symptoms by a human doctor, which can help users feel more comfortable. Chatbots with AI during this coronavirus outbreak is demonstrating just how valuable this automated technology is for everyone.

Misinformation and fake news circulating on social media are fueling public fears around coronavirus, and the tendency of mass-forwarding messages without verifying content has triggered rumor-mongering. This coronavirus has spread fast, meaning lots of people are getting sick all at once. Hospitals worldwide are struggling to provide enough staff, space, and resources to treat all their patients. Bots are one way to help ease the burden on healthcare systems. Recently, Dheeyantra has Launched its chatbot called as- “Aham”, to fight against Coronavirus by using AI technology. One can access the same at- In reply to your questions, Aham will provide you with factual information curated from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MHFW). Currently, you can converse with Aham on and Facebook messenger.

Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Delhi, and MP are the most affected states, followed by Karnataka, Kerala, and others. This edition of Aham, quite responsive to the situation, will interact with the public in Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, and English. DheeYantra is adding more Indian languages meanwhile to cater to vernacular speakers from other states too.

Aham majorly provides information about COVID-19 (Coronavirus), and the precautions one should take not to contract or contribute to the contagion. The bot also helps people to self-diagnose themselves to identify their risk profile. One can also get the statistics of the worldwide spread of the virus, emergency numbers to contact information about Covid-19 diagnostic and treatment centers designated by the Govt. etc.

Using Conversational AI– in the fight against COVID 19, Organizations like hospitals can reduce the number of inquiries that reach the agents by up to 80%, depending on the kind of questions you are receiving. Chatbots are perfect when users appear on a government website for location-based information or general COVID-19 related information. Specially, since they cannot wait to talk to a real person, this information is crucial to be received right away 24/7.

As a part of society, we sometimes doubt the benefit of technologies because of those who pushed it too far. I hope this time we can appreciate all the right techniques which can ease the situation and facilitate a smooth transition to the world of tomorrow. Hopefully, we won’t see a crisis like this anytime soon, but I think this episode was eye-opening for many people in understanding the need for the world to stay prepared to fight such pandemics.  Dheeyantrics look forward to make the best of the upcoming upsurge of business activities, now that the gloom caused by the pandemic is more or less in the ending phase.