We have been granted a patent for our revolutionary Asynchronous Dialog State Machines (ADSMs). This proprietary technology offers enterprises a remarkably powerful and flexible solution for automating intricate processes using conversational AI.

ADSMs, conceived by DheeYantra’s engineers, signify a transformative shift in the field of conversational agents. In stark contrast to conventional solutions with linear trajectories, ADSMs empower users with an unprecedented capability: to dynamically steer dialog flows. This innovation opens the door to automating intricate processes comprising numerous steps, while allowing users to seamlessly adjust the execution point through natural language inputs.

“The majority of customer-facing tasks require the support staff to be accurate and consistent like a machine, and a significantly lesser percentage of the tasks rely on imagination and assumptions,” notes Sreekumar Jairaj, CEO and Co-founder of DheeYantra, emphasizing the strategic importance of ADSMs for enterprises, alongside the LLMs which are gaining popularity. “Our research indicates that precision-driven operations constitute a substantial portion of stakeholder engagements. This makes ADSMs indispensable for enterprises seeking optimal Return on Investment (ROI) from their conversational AI initiatives.”

In tandem with the groundbreaking ADSMs, DheeYantra is unveiling a novel LLM-based document reading module. This addition further elevates the capabilities of their flagship product, Dhee.AI, by combining generative capacities for information presentation with the efficient automation skills inherent in ADSMs.

“DheeYantra’s commitment to innovation and adaptability remains unwavering,” affirms Vidhu Bennie,  Co-founder at DheeYantra. “With the recent patent grant for ADSMs and the upcoming integration of the LLM document reading module into Dhee.AI, we are fortifying our position among the foremost contenders in the field of conversational AI, offering enterprises an unparalleled blend of dynamic capabilities.”

This strategic alignment enables DheeYantra to cater to a wider spectrum of enterprise needs, solidifying their position as pioneers in the converging domains of precision-driven automation and generative AI.

For media inquiries, please contact: Vivek Mahadevan, vivekmahadevan@dheeyantra.com