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We have been granted a patent for our revolutionary Asynchronous Dialog State Machines (ADSMs). This proprietary technology offers enterprises a remarkably powerful and flexible solution for automating intricate processes using conversational AI.

ADSMs, conceived by DheeYantra’s engineers, signify a transformative shift in the field of conversational agents. In stark contrast to conventional solutions with linear trajectories, ADSMs empower users with an unprecedented capability: to dynamically steer dialog flows. This innovation opens the door to automating intricate processes comprising numerous steps, while allowing users to seamlessly adjust the execution point through natural language inputs.

“The majority of customer-facing tasks require the support staff to be accurate and consistent like a machine, and a significantly lesser percentage of the tasks rely on imagination and assumptions,” notes Sreekumar Jairaj, CEO and Co-founder of DheeYantra, emphasizing the strategic importance of ADSMs for enterprises, alongside the LLMs which are gaining popularity. “Our research indicates that precision-driven operations constitute a substantial portion of stakeholder engagements. This makes ADSMs indispensable for enterprises seeking optimal Return on Investment (ROI) from their conversational AI initiatives.”

In tandem with the groundbreaking ADSMs, DheeYantra is unveiling a novel LLM-based document reading module. This addition further elevates the capabilities of their flagship product, Dhee.AI, by combining generative capacities for information presentation with the efficient automation skills inherent in ADSMs.

“DheeYantra’s commitment to innovation and adaptability remains unwavering,” affirms Vidhu Bennie,  Co-founder at DheeYantra. “With the recent patent grant for ADSMs and the upcoming integration of the LLM document reading module into Dhee.AI, we are fortifying our position among the foremost contenders in the field of conversational AI, offering enterprises an unparalleled blend of dynamic capabilities.”

This strategic alignment enables DheeYantra to cater to a wider spectrum of enterprise needs, solidifying their position as pioneers in the converging domains of precision-driven automation and generative AI.

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Chatbots For Utility Bill Payment

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Public and private utilities like water supply, electricity connection, mobile telephony  etc are primarily service-oriented businesses. This means that treating customers well and being responsive to their needs is just as important as the consistency of the service provided, like availability of water, electricity, natural gas, sewage removal, internet service etc.

Here is where a utility Chatbot becomes an instant solution for your subscribers. How ? It answers the most routinely asked questions, sends monthly bill payment updates, raises timely alerts, and ensures an unparalleled conversational experience. This especially important in critical customer situations, which might occur during the off hours too. Read More

How has DheeYantra’s Conversational AI Chatbot helped people to fight against COVID 19 ?

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The Coronavirus Pandemic has affected mostly all countries across the world including the Indian subcontinent. In these Crisis situations Conversational AI Chatbots can play a valuable role in response strategies. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are proving to be a critical asset in enabling a collaborative work environment even in an extremely stressed situation like the current one. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Conversational Chatbots has the potential to help us by providing information like Live updates, Self-diagnosis for the COVID-19 pandemic. Read More

Conversational Chatbots for Colleges and Universities

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is the fastest growing technology that helps in improving the way, industries like healthcare, banking, energy, and retail operates. There is one industry, in particular, that is using AI technologies based on Conversational Chatbots: Education Industry. The role of Conversational chatbots in colleges or universities goes beyond catering to student requests. Conversational chatbot gathers large amounts of data that contain helpful features about the campus, applications, faculties, student associations, courses, results, fee structure, etc. Read More

How Conversational Chatbots are Helpful in Lead Generation ?

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Lead Generation is very essential and crucial for any business, whether it’s big or small. Conversational Chatbot is a weapon for all companies, which they can use for lead generation. By showing and letting a visitor that you’re able to help, it might encourage them to initiate communication with your business. Down the line, that person can be a customer. Read More

How Conversational Chatbots are Helping Small Businesses?

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Chatbots for small businesses resolve the queries and concerns of users. We can use Conversational Chatbot for customer service, sales and support purposes. This fast-evolving Artificial Intelligence technology is becoming more powerful day by day and easy for a business to use all the time. Customer service is an important segment of business operation which keeps your company closer to your customers by getting in touch with them. Small businesses can use conversational chatbots in serving their customers by giving them replies and resolving their queries quickly. Chatbots Read More

Conversational Chatbots for the Automotive Industry

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These days Chatbots are becoming an important part of the communication channel for various industries as they are capable of responding to consumer queries much faster and are capable of removing any possible delay, due to time involved in human intervention and response. Chatbots are designed in such a way that they can handle easy to complex queries that a customer may have during product purchase. Read More

Conversational Chatbots For Airlines Industry

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Airline conversational chatbot is one of the improvements brought by machine learning in the aviation industry. Artificial Intelligence is proving to be a boom in this vertical. The AI chatbot solutions for the airline industry helps to improve the airline business procedures. Chatbots can assist the customers in planning the trip, providing airline information, and searching for flights, among others. Customer engagement can be enhanced in many different ways by using a conversational chatbot. A conversational chatbot helps airlines by assisting Read More

How Conversational Chatbots Are Helping- The Recruitment Industry ?

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AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology has become one of the most significant trends in the recruitment industry for talent acquisition. These solutions are driving candidate management and engagement in many ways.  Recruiting chatbots are quickly making their presence felt in the recruitment industry. From recruitment to onboarding to delivering a suitable employee experience, chatbots offer numerous benefits to the recruitment industry.  Today companies need more flexible methods for screening and hiring new candidates. Some candidates feel shy to ask Read More

Conversational Chatbots For Retail Industry

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Retail businesses face difficulty in handling customers and also in responding to their queries on an immediate basis. Talking about the retail sector, customer engagement and personalization plays an important role in maintaining a long-lasting relationship. There are a lot of difficulties and hurdles in handling customer queries and addressing their problems. AI (Artificial Intelligence) Chatbots are not only changing the way retailers handle their businesses, but are also helping customers for the experience they would get while shopping. Read More