Little More On AI

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AI stands for “artificial intelligence” we can define AI as any time a computer or machine does something that would require the intelligence of a human. A machine with the capability to perform intellectual functions such as learning, reasoning and solve problems. Artificial intelligence exists when a machine has intellectual ability.
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Moving to conversational Automation ? Here’s what you should look for !

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dhee । தீ । ধী । ధీ । धी । ಧೀ । ധീ । ઘી । ଢ଼ୀ

Are you planning to bring in conversational automation using AI to make your processes more cost effective and consistent ? There are certain things I would like to share with you from my few years experience on-boarding customers to conversational AI platforms. These can be used as high levels checkpoints to save ourselves from getting into avoidable activity traps or creating bots that fail to attract customer interest. Goal thus, is to gain high ROI on your time and money invested for adopting AI supported processes.

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